Give Your Opinion Online

The public consultation on road safety was held from January 9 to March 3, 2017. The consultation drew a high number of participants and we wish to thank all of you who took part.

This questionnaire is for individuals, groups and associations, who are all invited to share their ideas and concerns about road safety.

Québec is dealing with major road safety issues that must be addressed as we strive to keep improving the road safety record. To meet our road safety goals, we must first take the time to reflect on how best to tackle these issues.

We invite you to take part in this process by sharing your suggestions, ideas and opinions with us.

Reading the reference document will help you prepare to answer the questionnaire.

Before you start

To begin the questionnaire, you must choose 1 of the 15 topics that are proposed. You do not have to answer the questions for all 15 topics. You can choose to answer only the questions for the topics that interest you.

There are between 1 and 6 questions for each topic. Each topic takes about 2 minutes to complete, which means it should take a maximum of 25 minutes to answer the entire questionnaire, should you decide to do so.

We only accept one questionnaire per email address. You must complete the questionnaire in a single sitting. You will not be able to recover your answers if you leave the website.

If you are under 18, parental consent is required.

Your answers will be processed confidentially.

The SAAQ reserves the right to not take into consideration a questionnaire if the answers:

  • are defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or rude
  • constitute a form of advertisement, including the promotion of products or services
  • are off-topic
  • contain confidential information, such as personal information

The deadline for answering the questionnaire is March 3, 2017.