The public consultation on road safety was held from January 9 to March 3, 2017. The consultation drew a high number of participants and we wish to thank all of you who took part.

The consultation is led by two committed spokespersons with an undeniable interest in road safety: Ms. Claudia Di Iorio and Mr. Alain Gelly.

The role of the spokepersons is to promote the public consultation, to meet with interested individuals, groups and associations during the public consultation sessions, and to stimulate discussion among participants.

Video clip of the spokepersons

Ms. Claudia Di Iorio and Mr. Alain Gelly are proud to be a part of the public consultation on road safety and to contribute to this exchange of ideas with people throughout the province. They invite you to click the link below to check out their video clip (in French), and they also encourage you to to participate in the consultation.

Transcript (translation)

Claudia Di Iorio

In 2010, Ms. Di Iorio was the victim of a serious and highly publicized traffic accident that even went on to inspire the T.V. series “Pour Sarah.”

These days, she is focused on raising public awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.

She is also the spokesperson for Cool Taxi, a service that provides prepaid taxi coupons in order to give young people an alternative to getting behind the wheel when they are not fit to drive.

Alain Gelly

Retired from the Lévis police department, Mr. Gelly is a keen road safety advocate.

He writes a column for the newspaper Le Peuple Lévis and his articles are often reprinted in some of the major daily papers.

He is also a regular contributor on news networks when it comes to road safety issues and teaches police technology at the Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy.