Submit a Document (brief, letter, etc.)

The public consultation on road safety was held from January 9 to March 3, 2017. The consultation drew a high number of participants and we wish to thank all of you who took part.

Whether you are an individual, a group or an association, you can contribute to the discussion on road safety by submitting a document containing your ideas. Your document can take whatever form you wish (brief, letter, etc.).

Individuals, groups and associations can submit a document in whatever form they wish (brief, letter, etc.). They can also answer the online questionnaire on the Give Your Opinion Online page.

Note that only briefs submitted by groups and associations will be published on the website once the public consultation is over.

Before you start

In order to be sent using the online submission form, your document must:

  • be a PDF, DOC or DOCX file
  • be no bigger than 10 MB

No anonymous documents will be accepted.

Groups and associations that file a brief accept that it will be made public on the public consultation’s website.

The SAAQ reserves the right to not take into consideration any brief, letter or other document if it:

  • is defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or rude
  • constitutes a form of advertisement, including the promotion of products or services
  • is off-topic
  • contains confidential information, such as personal information

The deadline for submitting a document is March 3, 2017.

By mail

You can mail your document to the following address:

Secrétariat de la consultation publique sur la sécurité routière
Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec
Case postale 19600, succursale Terminus
333, boulevard Jean-Lesage, C-4-12
Québec (Québec)  G1K 8J6